Teachers Online offers:


1. Computer Science & programming     

All Computer Science studies, Algorithms, Computational

Computer Programming Languages:

Python, Java, C++, C #, C,
, Maple, Assembly..


2. Computer uses, Sites & Applications

Windows  ,Linux , Office-Excel, Access…,Internet

Building web sites, Html, CSS, Java script, SQL, Php, C#…

Android app development

3. Assistance preparing Assignments

We offer professional help preparing Assignments In many academic subjects.

Who are we? 

‘ Teachers Online’ is a private lessons center offering lessons in:

1. Languages:  Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, English, French,…

2. Computer studies & uses, Computer science, Internet .

3. Tutoring students or school pupils all subjects.

4. Assistance in preparing Assignments, Tasks, Drills &  Exercises.

‘Teachers Online’ we are an excellent, experienced private teachers team.
We offer assistance and reinforcement during studies.
We offer preparation for exams and assistance in preparing assignments.
We promise providing a suitable teacher for you, or we replace.
Lessons are provided Online at a convenient & flexible timetable.
We offer a suitable package of private lessons.

Wishing you all the success,

 Eitan Avidor.

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